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  • Buachaille Etive mor - The iconic Buachaille etive mor in all her winter glory
  • ice crack at Loch Glascanoch
  • cove bay run off
  • revisited
  • 2017-Epson-Pano-Awards-Amateur-Bronze335
  • Slagachan storm
  • 2017-Epson-Pano-Awards-Amateur-Silver24
  • the wild west coast
  • whaling widow sings
  • Aurora Borialis Scotland
  • Loch Etive
Hi My name is Don Yorke-Goldney i'm an award winning  photographer with Silver medals in Better photography magazine, Focus Australia and the Epson Pano awards.
In September i'm relocating to Inverness, the gateway to the Scottish highlands and the land of my birth.
If your thinking of doing some photography here,i could be just the person you need to speak to.I have a vast knowledge of great locations for you to shoot,from the well known more iconic places like  Glen Coe, Loch ness  Buachaille Etive Mor,or perhaps your a bit more adventurous, and want to shoot places like Glen Etive,The Wailing widow falls,Clashnessie falls or loch Glascarnoch
Visit our portfolio for examples of our work or contact us to discuss your requirements.We will formulate a trip tailored to your needs and budget,and all at a very reasonable rate.